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Eric O.

Washington, DC

Had a solid first experience here for a cleaning and basic X-rays and ability to reschedule with a few days notice. They weren't too crazy with trying to push extra X-rays.

Just frustrating to find out on the day of my next cleaning that my insurance isn't accepted anymore. I call for appointments, so a rep should have been able to tell me this before the appointment was even initially made.


Washington DC

I recently moved into the area and I was looking for a dentist for my mom. From the first time I stepped into this office, I have been so impressed with the quality of the care provided. Front desk personnel is very friendly and professional. Dr K herself is a great clinician with exceptional skill set. My mother is now her regular patient. Would recommend my family and friends to this place. Keep up the good work guys!

Azeez S.

From start to finish Cosmo Smiles have been outstanding. When i first went my teeth gave me low esteem no confidence and never smiled.
Dr. Kaur changed that. Her attention to detail is first class and I would only ever go back to her for future treatment. I'm that
confident I'm happy if anyone would like to talk to me about my experience It would be my pleasure

Scott Privette

Awesome and professional! This is my favorite dentist I've had in a long time. Dr. Heider (sp?) is a beautiful fun woman who makes the time past quickly in the dentist's chair. I had a lot of work done and she did it fantastically. I also love the front desk woman who is fun to talk to. I'll be going here as long as I'm in the area.


Jason Kent

Overall a very pleasant dental experience. Dr. Kauer was friendly and did much of the work herself. While typically I would expect a tech to handle the cleaning and only see the dentist briefly at the end of my visit, Dr. Kauer was there for much of the exam. Parking is pretty limited but they were kind enough to refill my meter that was on the verge of expiring while I was having my cleaning done.

Samantha T.

My appointment with Dr. Kaur was great! It had been a very very long time since I have been to a dentist purely due to insurance issues and money issues. She was very kind and funny and has a very warm personality. She definitely made me much more comfortable even though I found out not so great news about my dental health I still had a very good experience! I will definitely be making her my primary dentist! She explained everything that was going on very clearly and made sure to use analogies that I would understand to help me get a better understanding of what exactly was going on.

Kushdeep C.

Dr. Kaur and her team are the most professional and talented people around. Right from setting an appointment to detailed explanation of treatment including alternative treatment options ( which helped with the anxiety and nervousness I had ) to the multiple dental procedures I underwent at her clinic , I couldn't have asked for anything better and more comfortable. I was provided with accurate information related to the procedures up front and feel so much better the way my teeth and my smile looks now. I am so thankful to my workplace colleague who referred me to Dr. Kaur. If you are looking for a dentist for yourself and your family and loved ones Cosmo Smiles is the place to be at.

Hector B

Great office ...staff is very friendly. Great location with in walking distance from crystal city metro station .....Doctor took good care of my needs explained every step. I am very happy with everyone. I highly recommend them

Megan F.

Just an amazing experience.  I cannot say enough good things about them. They were able to get myself, my husband, and our two young daughters (3yo, 6yo) in quickly for routine cleanings. They cleaned the girls teeth first and the dental assistant had them cracking up. She explained everything in full age appropriate (very silly and funny) detail before using them.  She gave every piece of equipment a name and assigned songs/personalities to them. My 6yo did great; my 3yo struggled a bit but this was my daughters issue and not the assistants... she was so patient with them. The doctor was equally as kind and efficient. My husband and I walked away with solid dental recommendations. My 3yo declared afterwards that she can't wait to go back. If that doesn't convince you to take your family here, I don't know what will.

Marlowe Manis

Service is outstanding. The assistants are beyond friendly and the doctor is knowledgeable, kind, and very professional. This is by far the best dental office to go to in Arlington.

Ashley G.

I have now had 3 dental visits at Cosmo Smiles (2 cleanings and 1 special appt). I really like the dentist I saw. I am docking a star for administrative issues. I found the office on ZocDoc even though I live walking distance from it. I liked the reviews and scheduled an 8am appointment with Dr. Kaur. I got a call back confirmation later saying they don't offer 8am appointments, can I come in at 9? This was a weekday so wasn't ideal, but sure, no problem. When I walk in, I had to wait a bit, and there were people who were being seen. I was confused because I thought they didn't take appts before 9... Anyway,  I got my x-rays and cleaning done and met with a dentist who wasn't Dr. Kaur. She was nice and seemed efficient even though she said she saw no problems (yay!), so that was fine. 

For my second appointment, I scheduled it 6 months in advance for 9am again. My boss' know I'm coming into work late for a dentist appointment. I get a call at 8:15am (literally 45 minutes before my appt.) saying my appointment needs to be rescheduled because the Arlington office isn't open on Thursdays (they called from the Alexandria office). This really irritated me because now I was going to be late to work for no reason and it was just a big waste of my time. I'm not sure why I wasn't called prior to the day of, especially after I received a confirmation text a few days before. I guess now they are open again on Thursdays for the record.

So a couple weeks later, I go for my rescheduled appointment and had to wait a really long time. Apparently there was an accident on 66 and it made all the 8:30 appts late so everyone was being seen late. Not their fault. Have my cleaning done and the dentist comes in and it's not Dr. Kaur and not even the same dentist that I had before. This time, it's Dr. Enoch. I'm actually really pleased it was Dr. Enoch because I really liked her. She was very kind and comforting. She is also the only dentist I have ever had who did a check for any sort of oral cancer. She also noticed a problem with a couple of my fillings done by a prior dental office years ago. She showed me on the x-rays (from the prior visit) what the issue was. I could feel the effects in my mouth as well. I returned another couple weeks later to replace the fillings. Dr. Enoch was great the entire time. She always told me what she was going to do next (air, water, etc.). She also took steps to prevent further issues. My teeth are doing great since!

Nora N.

Alexandria, VA

I had not been to a dentist for six years. Today was my first visit to Cosmo Smiles. I had such a great experience, I felt compelled to write a review immediately. Warmly welcomed by Azure. No wait time. Brenda very skillfully, thoroughly took X-rays. The doctor performed the tedious scaling so carefully. Dr. Kaur was extremely adept, painless, with a great chair-side manner. I was informed what to expect every step of the way. No discomfort, no need for sedation or even gum-numbing, rinsing or spewing. (A first!) Given a straight-forward consult that was informative as well as positive. After SIX years, I expected pain, sensitivity, bleeding gums, told I need deep gum cleaning, new crowns, root canals, etc. and (since I have no dental coverage) a huge bill. After my hour appointment -- none of these fears were realized. I felt great and my teeth have never been whiter! I was only charged $25 and will return to get a couple of small replacement fillings. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Kaur! She is the virtuoso of dentistry, bar none!!!

Ellen R.

Comfortable nice office near Metro. Very thorough cleaning. Dentists make me nervous and I liked this place. Upfront about billing. Really appreciated them and my experience there.


From start to finish Cosmo Smiles have been outstanding. When i first went my teeth gave me low esteem no confidence and never smiled.
Cosmo Smiled changed that. There attention to detail is first class and I would only ever go back to them for future treatment. I'm that
confident I'm happy if anyone would like to talk to me about my experience It would be my pleasure.

Deb U.

Dr kaur was great. He was more than open to any questions and concerns I had. He made sure I was comfortable and that understood the procedures that were being done. He also gave me great dental care tips. This Springfield location is great since its located right outside of the town center shopping district. There are plenty of places to go after your appointment. And the staff is friendly and professional. I would return and recommend.

Andrew Collins

Great service. Easy scheduling. First impression - Beautiful white clean clinic with pleasant staff.
I have been avoiding going to dentist because of busy schedule and fear of pain, i am very happy with service I would recommend Dr. Kaur because i felt she is not one of those dentists who would give you gigantic dental care costly plans, she was honest in telling me that she cant put crown on my tooth because of less benefit to my tooth, she gave me better and alternative treatment. Dr. Kaur is quite impressive with the amount of knowledge she has about her field. She is nice and welcoming,I felt cared not just treated !!

Susan S.

Arlington, VA

I had the opportunity to finally find a dentist i can feel comfortable going, one of my friend recommended me  Dr Kaur , she is great, she knows her job well. A sweet and detailed dentist, she took enough time to explain and did procedure with good care. Staff is nice too. Dr kaur made sure all my questions and concerns were taken care of. I am very happy with the care provided and  going to bring my mom here as well.

Nora N.

 I have been looking for a really good dentist in the DC metro area for years, and finally I found one. After six years, I went to Cosmo Smiles in Arlington, for an exam and cleaning. I was warmly welcomed by Azure, who helped me with the new patient paperwork. Upon completion, promptly ushered by Brenda the hygienist to Dr. Enoch, who outlined the procedures to take place. I have been to many dentists over the years, and this dentist and her staff are the best -- very professional as well as personable. I liked the fact that , I barely felt Dr Kaur  scaling my teeth. After more than six years without a visit to a dentist, I expected bleeding, pain, and a scolding, but none of that happened. I look forward to my next visit to get three fillings replaced. Brenda did an outstanding job cleaning and polishing my teeth -- they have never been so white!

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